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호주공식유학컨설턴트 QEAC No N543

이민법무사등록 MARN 1797799

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6월9일 - 29일 화요일 목요일 주말 출발.

6월30일 - 9월9일 매일 출발

Mt Buller 무제한 스키 투어

여행 날짜
  • What's included

    Day Tour Return coach transport & Gate entry.

    Unlimited lift access to all operating lifts

    Ski Boot Hire
    Ski Pole Hire 
    Helmet Hire


    All Day Tours Depart Melbourne Metropolitan at the following times

    • 5:00am Rosamond Road -Bus Stop Highpoint Shopping Centre, Maribyrnong (Bay 6, Outside Myer).
    • 5:20am – 5:30am 688 Bourke Street (Infront of mail exchange hotel). .
    • 5:30am – 5:40am Corner Russell Street & Flinders Street (At Melbourne Day Tour Centre – Melbourne City).
    • 5:50am – 6:00am Doncaster Rd Re-entry-ramp Eastern Fwy (at the bus stop, next to park'n ride).
    • 6:05am – 6:15am Maroondah Highway (opposite Ringwood train station), Ringwood.
    • 8:30am - Alzburg Resort - pick up ski hire, lift tickets, food and refreshment available at own expenses.
    • 10:30am Arrive Mt Buller - Coach Car Park.


    • 3:30pm Depart Mt Buller to Melbourne via Alzburg (Mansfield).
    • 8:30pm Arrive Federation Square, corner Russell and Flinders Street. Note: Subject to unforseeable road conditions &delays.

    Note :

    • "The above times are only approximate and subject to changes to unforeseeable road conditions and other delays”


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