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Skydive with Skydive Fraser Island where all jumps are GUARANTEED to land on the BEACH. Experience the Ultimate in BEACH Tandem Skydiving with amazing coastal views over Fraser Is, Carlo Sandblow, Double Is Point and the Coloured Sands that Rainbow Beach is famous for.


프레이저아일랜드 스카이다이빙 15000ft

  • Description: Skydive Fraser Island - 100% guaranteed beach landing! Tandem skydive and enjoy spectacular views of the one-and-only Fraser Island, Tin Can Bay and picturesque Rainbow Beach! Experience the Ultimate Beach Tandem Skydiving with amazing coastal views. Freefall at speeds up to 220km/hr then enjoy the views of the coast before landing right on the beach.



    • Professional Training and Instructions
    • Scenic flight up to 15,000ft and your tandem skydive
    • Experience the thrill of freefal for up to insase 60 seconds
    • Spectacular views over World Heritage listed Fraser Island and National Parks
    • 100% guaranteed beach landing
    • Skydive  certificate
    • Experience of a lifetime!


    Choose your height: 15,000ft

    Freefall: 60 seconds

    Requirements: Comfy clothes and shoes that won't fall off (runners/joggers)


    What's included

    Professional training and instructions
    Scenic flight and tandem skydive from up to 15,000ft, adrenalin pumping freefall!
    Amazing views over Fraser Island, Rainbow Beach
    Beach landing!
    Option to stear your parachute
    Skydive Certificate
    Experience of a lifetime


    What to bring

    comfortable clothes
    closed in shoes that won't fly off (no heels or boots)
    $35 APF levy and admin fee
    Your confirmation / travel voucher


    This tour is self drive only.

    Location: Rainbow Beach

    Meeting Point: 5/48 Rainbow Beach Road, Rainbow Beach (cnr Rainbow Beach Rd & Clarkson Dr)

    Jump Days: 6 days a week (closed on Tuesdays until further notice)

    Jump Time: 1.5 hour skydive tour

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