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서퍼스파라다이스 힐튼호텔 옆건물 2층

호주공식유학컨설턴트 QEAC No N543

이민법무사등록 MARN 1797799

It's not every day that you strap yourself to a beautiful stranger and leap from a perfectly good aircraft ! Welcome to Skydive Lake Wanaka - New Zealand's most spectacular, multi award winning, high altitude tandem skydive !  


12,000ft = 45 seconds freefall 15,000ft = 60 seconds 

** 상기된 금액은 12000ft가격입니다. 15000ft는 옵션에서 선택가능합니다

와나카 15000ft 스카이다이빙

  • 12,000ft = 45 seconds freefall

    15,000ft = 60 seconds freefall

    Location: Wanaka Airport, Mustang Lane, Wanaka, NZ


    Complimentary transport is available from Wanaka on request.

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