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서퍼스파라다이스 힐튼호텔 옆건물 2층

호주공식유학컨설턴트 QEAC No N543

이민법무사등록 MARN 1797799

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고래를 가둬 놓은 수족관이 아닌, 진짜 바다에서 자유로운 고래들을 볼 수 있는 웨일왓칭시즌이 왔습니다 !

** 5월 27일부터 예약가능 **

골드코스트 험프백 고래를 코앞에서 웨일와칭 크루즈

AU$99 일반가
    • Cruises run 7 days a week from May till October each year.
    • Morning Cuise departs: 9:30am - Boarding Time: 9am
    • Afternoon Cruise departs: 1:30pm - Boarding Time: 1pm (depending on weather conditions) - check with the office
    • Departs from Main Beach: Mariner's Cove Marina, Berth 95 - Arm D - right next to helicopter pad.

    **Returns: 12 -12:30pm or 4 - 4:30pm


    • 99% Success Rate
    • 100% success rate finding whales over 20 years over our entire whale watching voyages!
    • A family owned
    • A professional crew and marine biologist on board
    • Spirit is recognized by its best customer service with a friendly, knowledgeable, caring and passionate crew.
    • Closer to the Whales ! More Viewing Decks - 360 degree viewing from upper and lower decks to capture the perfect shot!
    • The Best on Trip Advisor and Social Media feedbacks
    • Free car parking
    • Free tea, coffee & biscuits
    • Fully licensed bar
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