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S49 3131 Surfers paradise blvd Surfers paradise QLD 4217 AU 

서퍼스파라다이스 힐튼호텔 옆건물 2층

호주공식유학컨설턴트 QEAC No N543

이민법무사등록 MARN 1797799

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골드코스트의 열대우림 저녁 산책과 열대우림에 있는 폭포를 숙련된 가이드와 함께!


글로우웜들도 보고 간단한 저녁간식과 쏟아지는 별들은 보너스에요! 


Australia’s only 4wding night tour that also includes a fully guided Rainforest walk to local waterfall, Off road Driving, Glowworms and eveing Coffee and cake at Local Resturant. Check out Glow-worms away from the crowds at Tamborine mountains only Glow-worm Waterfall location. 

골드코스트 글로우웜 야간 반나절 투어

  • Australia’s only 4wding night tour that also includes a fully guided Rainforest walk to local waterfall. On route we take in the many types of wildlife that call the Rainforest and eucalyptus forest home at night. The bonus to all this is we also view the Glow Worms in their natural environment. A local Restaurant welcomes us after our walk with a selection of Hot Drinks and Dessert


    Point of Interests:

    • Light supper at local Restaurant.(Hot Drinks and Dessert)
    • Guided Rainforest walk to waterfall at night time
    • View Glow Worms and Nocturnal Wildlife as we guide you to the waterfall
    • Secluded lookout over the Gold Coast Skyline
    • Australia’s only Exciting Night 4wding through Eucalyptus Forests
    • Stargazing and check out the Southern Cross
    • Modern Luxury 4WD vehicles
    • In Vehicle Wi-Fi for return journey home
    • No Crowds, just you and your guide
    • Each guests gets a low watt torch (don’t want to upset the Glow-worms) to find your way


    Central Gold Coast Hotels including Broadbeach, Surfers Paradise, Main Beach and Southport.

    ** Runs Nightly subject to availability 대략 6시~7시 사이 출발입니다. 

  • 예약전 웹사이트 상단 T&C 메뉴를 클릭하셔서 웹사이트 예약방법 안내 및 환불 변경 폴리시를 필수 체크해주세요.